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Inspired by the John Cusack classic High Fidelity, Chris and Andy create a new Top 5 list based on pre-determined topics. Lists are shared with the public through their Facebook fan page Chris and Andy’s Top 5 Salon, where anyone can then create their own lists. Their mission: To entertain and research popular culture through Top 5 lists. This list is all about songs about places.

Oddly enough, Monday’s focus is solely on music. Today we have…

Top Five Favorite Songs about a City

5.) Fleetwood Mac – Silver Springs
4.) The Doors – LA Woman
3.) Avett Bros – Pretty Girl from Annapolis
2.) Van Morrison – Tupelo Honey
1.) CCR – Lodi

HM: Ryan Adams – New York, New York.

5. Tony Bennett – I Left My Heart in San Francisco
4. Dropkick Murphys – Shipping up to Boston
3. Dan Bern – Jerusalem
2. The a Clash – London Calling
1. Ryan Adams – New York, New York

HM: Frank Sinatra – New York, New York

We welcome anyone to join the conversation and post their own top five. You can do so below or visit us on our Facebook page.

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  • Ivan

    Alright, I’ve got my list…

    Memphis Tennessee – Mason Jennings (Memphis)
    Pretty Girl from Raleigh – The Avett Brothers (Raleigh)
    Sweet Olive Tree – Langhorne Slim (New Orleans)
    Milwaukee Here I Come – George Jones (Milwaukee)
    Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show (Raleigh)

    I guess it’s a bit of a stretch on Sweet Olive Tree and Wagon Wheel, but I feel like the city is a central point, so… bam.

    • Ivan

      I want to add Street Fighting Man – Rolling Stones (London) to my list. I think I’ll bump Sweet Olive Tree, sorry Langhorne. Alright list complete.

  • Kent Heberling

    It turns out I like songs that are critical of Los Angeles. Also, I cut another song about Milwaukee from this list, so between me and Ivan, we could probably do a top five songs about just Milwaukee.

    Milwaukee – Calamity Janes and the Fratney Street Band (Milwaukee)
    Aenema – Tool (LA)
    N Bethesda – Felix and Lyons (Bethesda)
    Northwestern Girls – Say Hi (Seattle)
    Old School Hollywood – System of a Down (LA)