Soul Low – Kind Spirit | Sofar Milwaukee

When we started producing Dig Sessions almost a year ago all we knew was that we wanted to help get music out into the world. Lucky for us it grew and ended up leading to the opportunity to film and produce 6 videos for Sofar Sounds. We are honored to be asked by Sofar to premiere this video for The Milwaukee band Soul Low. We had a blast producing this video and hope you enjoy it. It will be officially released tomorrow, so enjoy your sneak peek.

Check out the other Milwaukee Sofar videos we have made. If you want to learn more about Sofar and their awesome work you can read all about it on the Sofar Sounds website. If you would like to learn more about Milwaukee Sofar in particular check out the Milwaukee Sofar Facebook Page.

We are pleased to announce that we at Those Who Dig and in the process of finishing up two more Sofar videos, so keep your eyes peeled for those in the near future.




Ivan digs everything about music. He is fascinated with the accessibility of music and the ability of everyone on this planet to create it, and writes to help more people appreciate that fact. He is currently based in Milwaukee, WI.

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