{ELSE} – Cemetery Dance


Well, it’s still cold in Milwaukee, so we’re bringing the Dig Sessions indoors for an acoustic set with {ELSE}, featuring Those Who Dig’s own Kent Heberling on cello. {ELSE} normally plays as a 5-piece incorporating tightly-knit and distorted guitars, churning bass lines, grungy keyboards, and searing vocals, but the group slimmed down to a trio and translated those bass lines to cello and subdued the normally fiery guitars.


Watching the Nighttime Come – Suz Slezak

Watching the Nighttime Come_Cover Art Suz Slezak

Where did you come from? A few seconds of guitar strumming lead straight into what Suz Slezak does best; break your heart with her voice. The only thing I knew about this album before my first listen was that it was created for parents and children. I admittedly didn’t know exactly what to expect. I personally don’t have any children, I’m an only child, and really have had very little experience with kids in general. If we’re being completely honest, children actually set me a bit on edge. To this album’s credit it makes me want to learn these tunes, and share them with the world.


Lousy Trouts – That New Song

Lousy Trouts - The Dig Sessions

Lousy Trouts is a Milwaukee based band fronted by Jack Tell in an effort to explore his solo material through a massive collaboration. The band is comprised of a rotating cast from various Milwaukee groups such as, Ugly Brothers, Caley Conway and The Lucy Cukes, Calamity Janes and the Fratney street band, Meet Greeter, The Rusty Nickel Band, Grasping at Straws and Animals in Human Attire.


Soul Low – Kind Spirit | Sofar Milwaukee


When we started producing Dig Sessions almost a year ago all we knew was that we wanted to help get music out into the world. Lucky for us it grew and ended up leading to the opportunity to film and produce 6 videos for Sofar Sounds. We are honored to be asked by Sofar to premiere this video for The Milwaukee band Soul Low. We had a blast producing this video and hope you enjoy it. It will be officially released tomorrow, so enjoy your sneak peek.


T-Pain, Tiny Desk, Happy Haloween


This Halloween T-Pain has removed his (autotune) mask. Last night I was clicking around  the interwebs and stumbled across a new Tiny Desk concert featuring the one and only T-Pain. I’m not entirely sure that I had ever heard his non-vocoded voice. The result is beautiful. He is accompanied by Toro, who takes the minimalist approach to backing keyboard. If I had one word to describe the usually swagger filled T-Pain, it would be vulnerable.