Milwaukee’s Jazz Estate to Remain Open?

Those who know music in Milwaukee know the Jazz Estate. The venue serves as the perfect archetype for a jazz lounge – small, cozy, dimly lit, with a row of seats only inches from the musicians – and hosts the very best of traveling and local jazz, swing, and other improvised acts. Sadly, it was announced back in September that the bar was for sale and faced an uncertain future, but recent rumors indicate otherwise.

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Linneman’s Riverwest Inn: Still Going Strong


Good evening everyone. I was just about to call it an early night when I came across this piece written by JSOnline. I’d like to congratulate Jim Linneman on his success. For anyone that has not ever visited his establishment you are missing out. Hands down my favorite sound in Milwaukee. His Wednesday open mic night was where Pay The Devil played our first gig. Check out the article, and support music in Riverwest.