Weekly Roundup: Oct 21 – 27, 2012 – Those Who Dig


October 28, 2012

| Steve


Things have been crazy at the Dig NYC Headquarters of late. And with the storm coming, it’s a perfect time to share a bunch of quality music in this latest Weekly Roundup.

-The LA artist known as Steffaloo just released her debut (on a record label at least) album on 10/23. It’s called Would You Stay. You can check out the excellent title track here. She has a very affecting voice.

-There are several great videos to share, starting with “Knots” by Olympic Swimmers. The narrative follows a charming little girl and the song is quite good, I dig the loud-soft dynamics of the guitars and drumming and I like the singer’s voice.

Olympic Swimmers – Knots from olympic swimmers on Vimeo.

-The visuals and make-up in this video for “Stay Young” by Young RThisival are incredible. Seriously. I don’t know how they came up with so many clever ideas, but it’s remarkable. The song is very catchy too, a garage-y pop gem.

-The next video we have is for “B.O.T.S.” by Briscoe. It blends a lot of POV shots from the band members, who seem to be in Breaking Bad-esque lab coat/jump suits. The song is pure energy, I love the guitar riff especially. And “Last night I had a night to kill” is a cool lyric.

-Yet another great video comes to us from David Bronson for his song “Times.” This is the lead single for his forthcoming album Story. What I love most about the clip is how it incorporates multiple performers, often popping in and out of the screen on the strong beats of the tune. Some of them are duplicates, which is neat. Great groove on this one and some sweet soloing.

-Shifting gears, this is a very cool hip-hop track from Chimurenga Renaissnace, which features contributions from members of Shabazz Palaces. The production incorporates bits of Zimbabwean Shona music. It’s quite an impressive track all around.

Here’s the NYC portion of the roundup. This video from sami.the.great for “Hear Me Now” has cool visuals and is quite infectious melodically, especially when things roar on the chorus.

-“Borrowed Time” from Parquet Courts has a vintage rock vibe to it, but it doesn’t feel forced or in danger of running out, like you might expect something on borrowed time to be.

Earthy Babes just put out their latest EP called Still Earthy and I’m digging the song “Old Machine.”

Now to catch up with some previously featured acts, starting with someone long-time readers should now quite well at this point: e-dubble. He’s coming out with a new EP called Reset next week (11/6) and he’s released a brand new and highly stylized music video for “Down.” Like everything he does, it’s awesome.

And as a bonus, here’s non EP track “Two Steps From Disaster.”

Sandpaper Dolls now have a video for the excellent track “Swallow Them Whole.”

-The French singer-songwriter who goes by The Rodeo has a new track out called “Suzhou River,” it’s lovely and haunting.

The Murder Barn has put a video for “Gotta Good Man,” the title track of their debut EP due 11/5.

-Here’s the latest track from Trails and Ways, “Border Crosser.” In the words of the band, it’s immigration dream pop in its purest form.

The Cast of Cheers single doesn’t come out officially until December 3rd, but you can enjoy the punchy “Trucks at Night” online now.

-The new album Keep Calm, Carry the Monkey by Skipping Girl Vinegar came out this past week. Check out the single “You Can.”

-Another album release this week was Cemeteries The Wilderness. This video for “Summer Smoke” is a really cool look at the meeting of a young girl and a ghost. Fits the music well.

CEMETERIES // SUMMER SMOKE from Nolan Wilson Goff on Vimeo.

-The last video and track we have this week is “The Black Sun” by Jo Mango. It’s another poignant, well-shot clip featuring a young girl (sort of an inadvertent motif in many of this week’s videos it turns out) and some interesting scenes of nature. Jo’s voice continues to impress.