Lousy Trouts – That New Song

Lousy Trouts - The Dig Sessions

Lousy Trouts is a Milwaukee based band fronted by Jack Tell in an effort to explore his solo material through a massive collaboration. The band is comprised of a rotating cast from various Milwaukee groups such as, Ugly Brothers, Caley Conway and The Lucy Cukes, Calamity Janes and the Fratney street band, Meet Greeter, The Rusty Nickel Band, Grasping at Straws and Animals in Human Attire.


90 Seconds of Brutal Genius


Insanely talented, one-man metal band (with occasional help from friends), Mr. Walker, is good. Great even. Embarrassingly so. Their only album, A day in a storm, is rife with rhythmic riffs, brilliant leads, and engaging glitch and techno ideas. The minute and a half long instrumental which the album pivots around, “Walking in a shitstorm”, shows off all of these ideas in an amazingly glorious way. It’d take me longer to keep describing the song than it would to just listen to it, so get listening!


$truggle SeS$ion


Taylor Campbell (aka TRAILOR CHRISTMAS/ STANLEY sexual) writes $truggle Se$$ion on a blank notebook page, “We spell it different every time.”  $truggle Se$$ion, often shortened to $$, is Milwaukee’s new experimental noise/ acid house/ performance art project that uses disturbing imagery to explores the deep, deprivation of humanity.


Whiskey Christmas


Enjoy two Christmas classics, folkestra style, recorded by Those Who Dig’s own Kent and his band, Whiskey Doubles. The first track, “Silver and Gold”, features rich cello and clarinet melodies and a little nod to the other silver Christmas tune, “Silver Bells.” An up-tempo version of John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas (War is Over) follows, showcasing one of the tiniest ukuleles ever made! Christmas 2014 by Whiskey Doubles From they at Those Who Dig, we whiskey you a merry Christmas!


Deleter’s Zweite Komposition EP


A follow up to their earlier EP, Komposition, Minneapolis based post-punk group, Deleter, releases their delightfully Deutsch follow up, Zweite Komposition, today. The four song effort revels in purposeful and crafted noise, loud hooks, and a vibrant, warm hue. The music oscillates between slower, funky grooves and noisy outbursts with some sustained ferociousness.


Videos to End a Busy Week

No cd review as this week, as it’s been a busy one. Between a weirdly busy work week and prepping for a big show tonight, we didn’t sit down and dig into a full album, but we did check out some exciting submissions that came our way.

Slim Twig – ‘Hover On A Sliver (Repulsion Revisited)’

A bouncy keyboard ostinato wonderfully contrasts with some horror movie strings and a dreamy refrain in a video that does an equally amazing job of contrasting dark and light.

Astronauts – ‘In My Direction’

A slow-but-steady walk through city and country are the focus of this mellow, but slowly driving track from Astronauts.

Droning on About Eric and Magill

He Can Jog

Just yesterday we posted a review of In This Light, the new album from dream-pop duo, Eric and Magill. Today, we’ve got a great ambient remix of some of their earlier work by another admirable Milwaukee musician, He Can Jog. The remix, much like He Can Jog’s original music, drones beautifully on amidst occasional glitchy interruptions and static bursts, with only occasional identifiable instruments and voices. It’s perfection.


Eric and Magill’s “In This Light”

in this light

The duo of Ryan Weber and Eric Osterman met in Milwaukee, one branched off to travel the world in the Peace Corp, and the other relocated to New York. Now both stateside, they’re split between New York and L.A., and cozy, little, lonely Milwaukee is sitting between them. Yet, through a collaborative, cross-continental partnership, they still managed to record In this Light, an excellent little dream pop album.