Bleak and Beautiful – Low Country Hill


Let’s talk about the weather. It’s only mid-November, and the Those Who Dig crew is already digging out from their first snowfall and struggling with biting colds. In truth, we secretly love it, as cold weather is a great excuse for warm, whiskey drinks and your new favorite winter album, Low Country Hill‘s debut, self-titled release.


The Bandicoots – Just After Dark

Another Friday, another fun video. This one revolves around shadows, using a set that was created from cardboard, lamps and a bed-sheet, with the band only making an appearance in the last act. The song is “Just After Dark”, the catchy lead single off of The Bandicoots upcoming EP, produced by The Black Keys’ producer, Brian Lucey.

Jack Campbell

jack campbell - keen coyote music

At Those Who Dig, we’ve reviewed some pretty industrial music, and we’ve reviewed some really raw songwriting, but we have admittedly overlooked most of the in between. Luckily, Chicago’s Jack Campbell reminded us of the wonderful world of possibilities in blending acoustic and processed sounds and ideology, with his new release, “Keen Coyote Music.”


Introducing Day Wave

day wave

A fun part of following great bands is that the members often produce even better solo projects. One member of the electro-pop duo, Carousel, is doing just that, as Jackson releases music under the “Day Wave” monicker. Check out his first single, the more indie-rock-like “Nothing at All.”


Rossonian at the Jazz Estate

Denver, Colorado’s smooth rock & roll quartet, Rossonian, rolls into Milwaukee today. For a preview of the band, check out their video for “Garuda”, showcasing the dapper-clad band in contrast to a main actress trying on at least a hundred outfits with varying success. The jazzy electro-sensual group is playing Milwaukee’s intimate Jazz Estate tonight!

Your Weekend Assignment – Practice Jeff Goldblum’s Laugh for 10 Hours


Oh Internet. Combine one part 90’s nostalgia, one part modern technology, and one part old-school music transcription skills, and you’ve got a recipe for a fun weekend. Listen to the famous laugh from Jurassic Park and get it good and internalized (you have 10 hours to get it down), and then practice along with sheet music recently transcribed by Evan Kent. A weekend to remember.


Yours to Shake

Screenshot 2014-11-03 15.45.27

Today’s cool video is brought to you by Portland’s folk/indy rockers, Greylag. The “Yours to Shake” video features a dilapidated Victorian living room, slow-motion flames, haunting figures and a hanging, all in a gorgeous mountain sunset. It’s neat and you all should watch neat things.


Soul Low – Kind Spirit | Sofar Milwaukee


When we started producing Dig Sessions almost a year ago all we knew was that we wanted to help get music out into the world. Lucky for us it grew and ended up leading to the opportunity to film and produce 6 videos for Sofar Sounds. We are honored to be asked by Sofar to premiere this video for The Milwaukee band Soul Low. We had a blast producing this video and hope you enjoy it. It will be officially released tomorrow, so enjoy your sneak peek.


T-Pain, Tiny Desk, Happy Haloween


This Halloween T-Pain has removed his (autotune) mask. Last night I was clicking around  the interwebs and stumbled across a new Tiny Desk concert featuring the one and only T-Pain. I’m not entirely sure that I had ever heard his non-vocoded voice. The result is beautiful. He is accompanied by Toro, who takes the minimalist approach to backing keyboard. If I had one word to describe the usually swagger filled T-Pain, it would be vulnerable.