Taking on the Establishment with American Zer0s – Those Who Dig

April 25, 2015

| Kent Heberling

Blue-collar rockers, Milwaukee’s own American Zer0s release their debut 6-song EP, “Preamble”, tonight at the Whammy Bar in West Allis. The self-appointed genre suits the band’s simple music with mostly unison guitar/bass riffs and to-the-point vocal lines supported by fast but not overly-fancy drums. With the anti-establishment themes sung through megaphone effects on top of the brutal instruments, blue-collar rock works, but heavy anarchy rock works even better. It’s a beautifully, brutally fun debut from a promising band.

They’re joined by Sweetalk, a melodic rock outfit from Green Bay who also recently released an excellent debut album. It’s a $5 show with a free download card included.