Weekly Roundup – A New News Source and Old Math – Those Who Dig

March 21, 2014

| Kent Heberling

  1. Former A.V. Club editor launches (yet another) Milwaukee A&E Site – Matt Wild, the snarky editor of the now defunct A.V. Club Milwaukee, The Onion’s last localized publication, announced this week the launch of a new site, Milwaukee Record, slated for April 7th. Milwaukee has a crowded A&E information scene with TapMilwaukee, Third Coast Daily, OnMilwaukee, and sorta-kinda this very site. The A.V. Club was undeniably the most reliable and in-tune of those publications though, so it’s great to see its primary contributor return.
  2. 65daysofstatic Announce a 10th Anniversary Deluxe Reissue of Debut Album and European Tour – The post-rock, industrial, trance, instrumental-rock band is releasing a 2-CD reissue of The Fall of Math and touring Europe. Each live performance will include two sets. First, the band will play the entire The Fall of Math album in sequence. The second set will feature tracks from their latest album Wild Light, plus the band’s previous releases.
  3. Exit Salida Releases the Infectious Glow Mountain EP – The 6-song EP, available on Bandcamp, is a fun blend of peppy guitars, good drum grooves, and effortless vocals, with enough moody moments to keep a devoted listener interested.
  4. SXSW is Over, March Madness and Spring Training Begin – No rest for the weary, kids. Don’t worry, you won’t have to hear about our brackets here.
  5. Kidd Feather debuts with “Sirene” – A little bit 80s, a little bit 2014, and a lot of synth blend well in this sparkling pop tune.

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