Weekly Roundup – Milwaukee's Best and Worst – Those Who Dig

April 18, 2014

| Kent Heberling


Saturday is Record Store Day in Milwaukee! Catch live acts, hunt for discounts, and support local retailers! Milwaukee at its best! If you’re not already convinced you’re reading the wrong blog.

Divyded, Red and the Wolf, and Ultrea at the Metal Grill

Red and the Wolf and Ultrea are two amazing, female-fronted rock acts out of Milwaukee and Madison. They’ll be playing with several other local greats at the best metal venue in town, The Metal Grill Saturday evening. Milwaukee gets metal.

Young Professionals Week is Over

Milwaukee’s Young Professionals week is over. Once again, I missed this week-long inspiration-fest because I was working, and because I’m young and have things to do. Twitter and Facebook streams will return to the standard dosage of #inspired and #blessed. Milwaukee, you can be the worst sometimes.

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