Ridiculous Video of the Day – Bear Hands “Peacekeeper”

Bear Hands Peacekeeper

A fun song, a ridiculous video, a great way to start a Wednesday. Donuts, breasts and bullets abound in this snappy 3-minute video from New York based Bear Hands. It’s technically NSFW due to the aforementioned donuts, breasts, and bullets. I mean, we’re starting a health initiative at my job so you can’t even mention donuts. Oh no, I can hear the healthy afternoon walking crew coming for me now… I don’t have much time… they’re SO fast… I’ve got to go… watch this.


Cripple Creek Performed with a Mouth Bow on Sesame Street

Buffy Sainte Marie

I believe this video gets the honor of being the YouTube video I have watched the most times. Maybe it’s because I LOVE the song Cripple Creek. Maybe it’s because I LOVED Sesame Street as a kid. Maybe it’s because it is Buffy Sainte-Marie playing her homemade mouth bow really well. Whatever the reason this video always puts a smile on my face. I apologize for not sharing it with Dig Nation earlier, but better late than never.


Weekly Roundup: LSD, Joseph Huber, and Lyft

Joseph Huber - The Hanging Road

In this Weekly Roundup we all get more impressed at Lake Street Dive’s success, celebrate a former .357 Stringband banjo wielding troubadour’s next release, check out some great photos from last week’s Calamity Janes show, and increase the chances of making it home safely after a night of music watching.


Giving it All Away – Lousy Trouts

Lousy Trouts album review

Milwaukee hipsters rejoice, there’s another new folk/bluegrass act in town. The Lousy Trouts recently debuted with their album, “The Guy Who Gave Everything Away but Sold His Boat”, and it’s a strong showing, that, much like the title, combines grandiosity and grassroots. Within moments of listening one realizes that texture changes define the album, both in each song and especially between the various tracks. This is no surprise when you see that each of the Trouts plays multiple instruments, and that there are four guest musicians adding cello, fiddle, slide guitar and female vocals. The fiddle is always a great addition, especially in the sauntering “Statues.” The cello and occasionally bowed bass add much needed warmth to the otherwise picking heavy mix of guitar and mandolin. Meanwhile, the percussion reigns in the aptly named “Bongo Song.” The most consistent instrument, and the most expertly played, recorded, and mixed, is Alex Heaton’s bass. In another non-surprise, Heaton also assumed recording and mixing duties. When listening to a self-produced album, listen for the instrument that received the most detail, and I guarantee that’s the musician responsible for the full mix, though that’s not necessarily a good or bad thing. The album’s more … Continued


Dust To Dust – Calamity Janes and the Fratney Street Band | Dig Sessions

Calamity Janes and the Fratney Street Band

Calamity Janes and the Fratney Street Band are back with all their vocal harmonizing greatness in this weeks Dig Session. This tune, sung by upright bass player Johanna Rose, is as catchy as it is beautiful. The video even features a little bit of trick fiddling from fiddle player Ernest Brusubardis IV. But you don’t have to take my word for it.


SupaMan: Native American Hip-Hop Goes Mainstream


Christian Parrish Takes Gun, an Apsáalooke American Indian who raps under the stage name SupaMan, has quickly been gaining notoriety with his unorthodox and incredible flavor of hip-hop. Growing up on the Crow Nation Reservation in the shadow of the Little Bighorn Battlefield to the East of Billings Montana music has always been a major influence in his life, for the better and worse.