Milwaukee Shows, Record Releases, and some Lithuanian Indie'n'Country – Weekly Roundup – Those Who Dig


April 4, 2014

| Those Who Dig

What a week. Our very own Kent is settling into married life, our band Pay The Devil is playing a show tonight that we are very excited about (self-promotion alert), we received our first Lithuanian music submission, some new metal/hardcore/punk music is on it’s way to market, oh and Chris Thile talks a bit about his songwriting.

Calamity Janes, Myles Coyne, and Pay the Devil at Yield Bar – 4/04/14

Folk, bluegrass, folkgrass, americana, traditional, pop, it doesn’t matter what you call it, it’ll be a great show on Milwaukee’s East Side, and it won’t cost you a dime. Think of all of whiskey you can drink for those dimes you didn’t have to spend to get in the door. Check out the official Facebook event here.

“Lithuanian Indie’n’Country Band Colours of Bubbles Released Their Long-Awaited Debut Album Inspired by a True Story”

I copied this heading straight from the email I received. I’m fairly sure I had never heard a country band from Lithuania until this promo email hit my inbox. It turns out I still have not, as this isn’t music I would ever classify as country. I do think it is cool to share music from other parts of the world, and this track is catchy and well produced. I think we can chalk up the genre tag as a being lost in translation and move on. God knows if I was sending promo emails to bloggers in Lithuania in Lithuanian I’m sure there would be much worse mistakes. “Host the colors.” You can learn more about Colours of Bubbles at their website.

Milwaukee’s Enabler Announces New Album and Exclusive Preview Track

World-travelling, Milwaukee-based metal/hardcore/punk outfit is slated to release a new album May 27 of this year. They’ve let us listen to “Prey”, a 66 second long thrashing of a song off of the album. Check out Enabler’s ReverbNation page for a listing of upcoming shows.

Nickel Creek Talks About (and performs) The Song “Helena”

Apparently this track is based off of a bridge from an instrumental that they wrote that their producer didn’t like. I always find it interesting to hear the thought process and lifecycle of a song, hearing it from a virtuoso like Chris Thile is just icing on the cake.

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