Those Who Dig, Now Supercharged

After almost 4 years of running from a budget shared host Those Who Dig finally bit the bullet and upgraded to a Virtual Private Host. Now we have more control over the nerd parts of the site (think caching engines and scalable memory.) What does this mean to you? Two things.

ONE: The site will work better. It will respond more quickly and save you precious seconds that you can spend listening or reading, and not waiting.

TWO: It should illustrate that we believe in Those Who Dig, and we are investing our own money into making it better.

Sound cool? If you want to give back you can do so by telling your friends about us, subscribing to the Those Who Dig YouTube channel, commenting on some articles. Hell, write an article and send it to us, maybe we’ll post it. We do this as a hobby and are excited to keep making it better.

As always, KEEP DIGGING.

P.S. For anyone that is interested we are switching over to Digital Ocean. We have an awesome referral link that will get you $10 bucks of hosting credit, and give us $25 bucks that we can use to offset the cost of our servers.  That would help us out a bunch, so if you’re looking for a host, consider it and tell your friends.

Sofar Sounds Comes to Milwaukee

Sofar Milwaukee

Have you ever heard of Sofar Sounds? I hadn’t until I was contacted to help produce a series of music videos from the inaugural Milwaukee installment. I can’t summarize it any better than they do, so here you go. Sofar Sounds curates secret, intimate gigs in living rooms around the world. We spotlight amazing emerging artists, introducing them to new and passionate fans through a unique and magical concert experience. Sound cool? Yeah, we think so too.


Stop It Macaulay Culkin

Pizza Underground

The Pizza Underground is a New York City-based cover band that takes rock classics and reconfigures their lyrics to celebrate pizza, such as turning the Velvet Underground leader Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side” into “Take a Walk on the Wild Slice.” The first three words that come to mind when I read this description are “WHY”, “ANGER”, and “SORROW”. If only Macaulay Culkin was half as good at playing music as he was foiling Joe Pesci’s burglary plots.


Flying With Musical Instruments is Now Less Scary

Broken Banjo

Any traveling musicians out there? If you are like me, you have at one point you have taken off your strings, packed the case with spare clothes, and crossed your fingers that you got a nice flight crew that would look the other way as you refused to let the baggage crew jump up and down on your favorite possession. Well hopefully we will never have to do that again.


6 Million Dollar Violin Stolen

Frank Almond, violin

Multiple MIlwaukee-area news sources are reporting that the concertmaster of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Frank Almond,  was robbed late last night of his $6 million violin. The violin, a 1715 Stradivarius named “Lipinski”, was dropped by Almond when two men approached him after a performance at the Wisconsin Lutheran College. One source reports the assailants using a Taser, while another does not provide detail about weapons. It is possible that the attack was not random.


Widower: Fool Moon CD Release Party

Good morning Portland. I recently posted my review of Fool Moon from Mama Bird Recording Company artist Widower. Tonight at 9:00 at the Alberta Street Pub there will be a record release party for this album which will also feature live performances from Barna Howard, and Josiah Johnson from The Head and The Heart. Admission is only seven dollars and you can RSVP to the event via Facebook. Check out the album's debut single Oh Catherine, My Catherine below.

Read on for more information regarding the featured artists as well as a few tunes. See you tonight. You dig?