Al Scorch – Those Who Dig


May 1, 2014

| Ivan


I couldn’t stop listening to Al Scorch to save my own life right now. I find it increasingly rare to stumble upon an artist that captures the soul of old-time and bluegrass music in a new and exciting way. Trampled By Turtles, The Devil Makes Three, Spirit Family Reunion, and now Al Scorch.

This first track, Working Dream, has been stuck in my head since the moment I first heard it. Featuring a great intro banjo riff, nice fiddle work, and a capella verses about economic disparity it resonates with generations both past and present. Give it a listen.

Board Up The Windows is a fast rattlin’, full speed clawhammer banjo driven rant against the commodification of city development. This track really shows off the raw energy Al Scorch is capable of playing with. And this live video does an even better job of it.

Keep a weather eye peeled for future Al Scorch shows and updates. He has already played all over the USA and shows no signs of slowing up. For those of you in Wisconsin he will be playing at the Bremen Cafe with Pay The Devil this coming Saturday. Other upcoming dates include:

May 3 – Milwaukee, WI – Bremen Cafe
May 6 – Chicago, IL – Hungry Brain
May 7 – Peoria, IL – Warp Zone

You can learn more about Al’s future goings on I’ll leave you with the lyrics to Working Dream, because they are awesome.

Al Scorch – Working Dream

I wish I had a pair of golden cufflinks I wish I had a suit that’s woven fine so I could take you to your daddy’s funeral and I could mend your heart as well as mine-o

I could mend your heart as well as mine