Yes! NO/NO's Drag – Those Who Dig


November 6, 2014

| Kent Heberling

One of Milwaukee’s former great bands, The Delphines, has been reincarnated as NO/NO, a still very surfy, but now somewhat synthy, 4-piece. The quartet just released their debut 4-song EP and played their first show at a packed Quarters last weekend. It’s good to have them back.

Those familiar with The Delphines’ liberal use of reverb and twang on the guitar, simple and steady approach to drumming, constant 8th notes on the bass, and vocals awash with delays and echos will have no trouble identifying NO/NO as the same core musicians. That’s not to say that this is just The Delphines with a new name. Prominently in the EP’s second song, “Crooked Faith”, the group has added a synth for some snappy leads, and Jeremy Ault’s already-minimal floor tom and snare has been replaced by an even more compact 4-sample drum pad.

“Mistakes” zips along with this new synth and drum pad as the primary drivers, and also introduces Cat Ries as a co-lead vocalist. It’s more complementary than the Delphine’s duality of Harrison Colby and Jami Eaton’s voices, but equally effective.

Overall, fans of The Delphines shouldn’t have any trouble getting into NO/NO, and the added instrumentation and refined approach will surely lure in some new fans as well. NO/NO may need some time to rise to local super-star status, as The Delphines did, but they’re already off to a great start.

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